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You have the perfect home, the perfect office, the perfect vacation home; but something is missing—those little details that make the space around you … yours!

Custom Drapery Designs, an award-winning full-service soft goods firm, specializes in unique, high-quality custom design including wood and fabric window treatments as well as bedding and upholstery updates.

We listen to your story and your style and find just the right mixture of fabric, hardware and accessories to make your design dreams a reality.

Request a consultation or call 972-598-9438 today to speak with our experienced interior designers in Dallas, TX.

Recent Work


Custom Drapery Designs proudly received these awards from the International Window Coverings Expo:

2018 First Place Drapery Hardware and Trim

2009 Award of Excellence

2009 First Place Drapery and Trim

Recent Posts

2019 Custom Drapery Designs Highlights

As 2019 accelerates into a new decade, we look back with gratitude toward each of our clients and pride in the custom designs they allowed us to create this year. Custom Drapery Designs focused this year on the things we do best. It shows in the exquisite couture...

Traditional Meets Modern in Scandinavia

Inspiration crosses geographical boundaries and transcends time. When Brenda Baxter, owner and principal designer of Custom Drapery Designs, traveled to Denmark and Sweden, she found herself surrounded by ideas for designs back home. The seamless melding of...

A Quarter Century of Custom Designs

Twenty-five years ago, a young mother found an outlet for her creative passions—sewing pillows, bedding and draperies for family and friends. Thanks to a friend’s encouragement, that mom founded Custom Drapery Designs and discovered a way to combine creativity,...

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