Interior Design Services in Dallas, TX

While we began our designing adventure crafting window treatments and thus were dubbed Custom Drapery Designs, there’s much more to our company than just beautiful windows. We also provide interior design! Our team is well-equipped to help you, whether you have your entire home’s new style mapped out or you need a helping hand through each step of the process, from brainstorming to installation. Maybe you have a beautiful bay window that needs more highlighting as it is the primary light source in the room or perhaps you need a splash of color on the family room or kitchen wall to brighten things up. Either way, we have the expertise to make your visions come to life.

Stephanie Freeman leads all of our interior designing

projects, and after the initial consultation, she will help determine the next

steps to get you the dining room, living room, den, or bedroom of your dreams.

Top to Bottom Home Design

Stephanie won’t miss even the most minor of details when she and the team help you design. While we give you all the help you need picking significant components of your home, such as the furniture and layout, we won’t skimp on the smaller things. From the handles on your cabinets and decorative pillows on your couch to the light fixtures hanging above, nothing will get left behind. After the whole room is painted and furnished, we will even help you accessorize with brand new pieces. The only services we do not offer are full remodels, which would require walls coming down or going up. But everything in your current layout is completely covered! If you’re ready to have your home expertly designed to be as stylish and functional as possible, contact us for interior design in Dallas at (972) 598-9438 today!